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Greeting! We’re @TheLonelys and we love making music that rings a bit sentimental and reminds us of the good in this world.

For fans of The Beatles, Queen, Beach Boys, etc..

Listen to our debut album, Wall of Love, here:

Did you see this review of The Favorite soundtrack on pitchfork @vecallen ??

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I have to see this film. As soon as possible. Finally, a documentary about #grindcore

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Everyone, please be on the lookout for any Folksinging Beatniks. @orby

Hey! Welcome! There are no genre restrictions. Share it all!

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#introduction #introductions

Hello everyone! I've been hanging around the Fediverse for about a week and loving it.

I've created this account to promote and recruit for a netlabel we're organizing called Dekahertz.

We're interested in ambient and experimental electronic music. Usual netlabel model. Digital distribution. Artists keep the rights. Just want to promote good music!

Launch date for label is June 21st. Website in progress at Send us your demos :)


@vecallen That drum break at the 1:00 mark is begging to be sampled.

Tahoe by Dedekind Cut (2018). Thanks for the Kranky recommendation, @stonon Have you heard this album they put out last year? Listening to it this morning. Super good. #2018

Greek mythology concept album, pretty sick. The sample work on that track is really nice.

I'm so jealous of their charming mustaches.

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